Creative Wedding Specialist


I am so lucky, I love my profession, and after 25 years in the business my increasing joy in my work continues to amaze me.

Getting involved is the key. You can’t portray a moment if you don’t feel it. I get to know my engaged couple, and by the time the wedding day is near we are totally in sync about how they want their day captured in my photographs.

The most important thing is that they enjoy every moment of their most important day. I look after each of my brides as if they were my own daughters. Nothing is too much to ask, included last minute sewing, lacing up dresses and doing up shoes (as I am usually the only one without false nails). I am told that my calm nature and professional manner keeps everyone at ease. If children are involved, I find that spending a little time to get to know them makes for a happy day for all.

I also understand just how difficult it is for my young grooms. It is a hard thing to be in the limelight when you are not used to it. I do my best to make sure it is fun for them and not a strain. With my experience, I am very quick to take the shots making sure their smiles are REAL and fresh. Keeping the boys happy makes for wonderful, natural photos, full of fun and I hardly ever have to ask them to smile.

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