Sensitive Maternity & New Baby Portraits

matrnity2This wonderful time in a woman’s life is something to behold. I feel honored to be able to show these girls just how truly beautiful they appear. I take a selection of shots in black and white, and colour.

We begin with their favorite outfit and then I offer some very tasteful semi nudes and couple photos as requested. I have a beautiful home studio with a comfortable lounge area and powder room attached and my clients feel totally comfortable and at ease.

I suggest that your photos be taken at approximately 34 to 36 weeks, when you feel most comfortable and when you love the shape of your baby bump.

With 25 years experience in this field, I am very sensitive to your needs and, being a woman myself, I don’t even take a photo if it isn’t flattering, so you can trust in my judgment. It is such a beautiful thing to share with the expectant father. I find the look in their eyes as I photograph you shows just how important it is to capture this moment and this feeling for both of you.

You both have this opportunity to view all the baby photos and decide what you will want when your baby or babies arrive. It is so important to share all these moments while waiting for the event, and I get to know you and look forward to your event with enthusiasm. Most couples call to tell me when the baby is born and that is so precious to me. I advise them of the best time to plan to bring their new family to me and we make a tentative date. Having a home studio, I am very flexible when it comes to times and date changes. After all, most of you are new to this and schedules are hard to keep. I always leave plenty of time to spend as it is important to understand that the baby is now the boss, and our time revolves around their feeding and sleeping.

You will feel totally comfortable in my studio, and we take our time to get those perfect shots that are as important to me as they are to you.

There is a toy area for siblings and their needs are also catered for, with the hope that they will be patient with their new baby as well, and that we will capture the most beautiful photos of everybody.

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